Euro PebbleTec® - Superior Quality Natural Pebble Pool Finishes

Become a Licenced Applicator

By becoming a licensed applicator operating under the banner of Europebbletec®, a pool company can instantly broaden its product range and dramatically increase its profitability without the risk of expense normally involved with such rapid expansion.

How the licence arrangements can work for you

The demand of swimming pools with pebble interiors is growing in Europe, literally by day. An existing pool company who wishes to include pebble in its product range has a choice of two routes to follow:

1. Use its own research and development resources to source materials, machinery and training from around the world; launch its own advertising and sales campaign; build up client confidence and gradually create a market brand and fight for market share with competitors.

2. Become licensed by PebbleTec as a registered applicator; have instant access to sales and marketing literature; become part of a broad based advertising campaign and be linked from this web site; benefit from the best available training programme to develop its working crew in the shortest possible time; have instant and permanent supply of all machinery, tools and equipment; most important of all, have a permanent and reliable source of the very best materials available in the world.

The first route above is expensive, time consuming and speculative. The second route is economical, instant and guaranteed. The reason why it is guaranteed is simply because it is tried and tested here in Europe and backed by the biggest operators in the world.

Basic Requirements of an Apllicant

Pebble application and the general style of pools associated with it, mean that the process is only really suitable for volume use with projected concrete shells. A potential licensee must build from Gunite or Shotcrete, or be willing to adjust to one of these construction methods. If a potential licensee does not build with projected concrete they would not be ruled out, as Pebble Tec are in a position to offer training and machinery in this aspect of the pool construction as well.
All enquiries are welcome and will be considered on their merits. Training history, company stability, location etc. are all significant factors.
The nature of our licensing agreement is bordering on a partnership and as such, quality control is of the utmost importance. The actual terms of the licence arrangement are detailed and clear and are designed to protect all parties from malpractice of any form.

Facilities, Machinery, Materials and Sales Aids

By contractual agreement, on an annual basis, each Licensee receives the immediate benefits of the following promotional and sales aids:

Full colour brochure with the licensees address and contact numbers. Reproduced and updated regularly.

Coverage in editorial and conventional advertising in national press.

Pool Exibitions Representation at the annual swimming pool exhibition in Barcelona or Lyon. Contact details for all retail enquiries from respective territory.
In addition, the following range of services are available to the licensees on request:

Contract Pebble Applications
Pebble Tec will provide a contract service to come and apply pool interiors to shells provided.

Training Programme
A combination of training at our centres and also on site training, with PebbleTec personnel travelling to the licensees jobs and working with the crews.

The Pebble Tec licensees will be able to buy the best quality pebble, tints and additives available in the world.