Euro PebbleTec® - Superior Quality Natural Pebble Pool Finishes

Why PebbleTec®?

The difference between PebbleTec® and traditional glass mosaic tile is plain to see but several other systems exist which emulate the exposed aggregate look. The important point though is that none of these use quartz stone as the base material - PebbleTec® does. Quartz stone is hard (geologically speaking it is 97% of the way towards being a diamond). It is very difficult therefore to grind or cut it back to cover up mistakes in the application so it is critical that the installation crew is experienced, competent and in possession of the correct tools.

Only registered PebbleTec® applicators can offer these products.

The material is not pre-bagged (with cement) so has no shelf life and the customers are guaranteed of cement quality.

The base of quartz stone gives a far superior surface in terms of durability and longevity than any alternative using calcium based stone.

PebbleTec Pebble
The original 2-3mm size. This produces a pleasantly textured surface which is slip resistant, provides a natural appearance and can be used to great effect for beach entries and in combination with natural rock.
PebbleSheen Pebble sheen
A smaller pebble of 1-2mm which is polished with a diamond disc after application to produce a flatter, smoother surface for more traditional pools. A tile band may be used at water level to produce a classical look. PebbleTec® is the best available material and system for producing an exposed natural stone swimming pool interior.
PebbleCrete Pebble crete
New for 2012 is the latest finish which incorporates the use of glass beads. Beadcrete® until recently was considered to be an alternative to Pebbletec® but we are delighted to say that it has now been incorporated into the Pebbletec® family and will become part of the exclusive range of finishes only available through licenced applicators.
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