Euro PebbleTec® - Superior Quality Natural Pebble Pool Finishes


Natural pool finishes - Pebbletec Over 25 years ago a system was developed in Australia which enabled natural pebble, bonded with white cement and additives, to be used as an interior pool lining. It was primarily developed as a refurbishment for pools which had problems but soon became the industry standard for producing an attractive, slip-resistant and very durable surface finish which could be applied to any shape or size of concrete swimming pool.

In 1987 Pebble Technology Inc. took this process a stage further in the United States and improved the materials and system to ensure the very best quality of work was maintained. Pebble Technology work only through a network of licenced operators in order to monitor and control the standard of application as well as materials.

In the U.S. around 30,000 swimming pools each year are now finished in Pebble Technology products and the systems, experience and materials that have made this possible, were introduced to Europe in 1994.

EuroPebbleTec® now have a network of registered applicators throughout the continent and the European swimming pool industry is able to offer this unique pool interior as a reliable, strong and beautiful alternative.