Euro PebbleTec® - Superior Quality Natural Pebble Pool Finishes

The Process

Natural pebble finishes From a beach in New Zealand, pebbles are excavated, graded, sterilised and shipped around the world using methods fully licensed by the New Zealand government and approved by environmental agencies. Even the packaging is biodegradable and heat sealed and the whole process avoids all pollutant bi-products and harmful emissions.

On site the pebbles are mixed with a cement compound and sprayed onto the shell to give a beautiful natural looking interior finish. The selection of colours combines with natural oxides in the cement and additives, such as ceramic chip or coloured glass, to produce a unique variety of water tones. There are no corners, no joints and no sharp edges. The result:

· A pool with a natural & pleasing texture
· Extreme durability and reliability
· Slip-resistant surface
· Easy to clean and maintain
· No need for re-grouting
· No loose tiles
· No osmosis or de-lamination
· No re-painting or renovation work